Granville – 1

Granville came into view at some point along the way, but only having visited once in our boating days, some years ago now, we could not bypass it, and drove through the seaport town to a stretch of road legitimate to park on, up by the paying aire. The actual aire was 8 euros to overnight and extra for water, but irrelevant to our brief daytime stop. We noticed a footpath behind the police station at the bottom of the hill, and assumed this would lead up to the aire. We tend to find the aires are located pretty conveniently for the town centres. This one not necessarily the most convenient but not out of the way.

On our way out of the town, in the other direction, we found an official functional aire (at ground level – bonus!), for 6 motorhomes, right close to the town, free for overnighting – another bonus! – so one might be lucky and grab a spot there!

One thing we thought as we drove through Granville, was that it was much bigger than we remember with a good number of streets with all sorts of shops and eateries. I suspect we just didn’t get to explore it last time!

Date of visit: 20/09/2016

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