Bréville sur Mer – 1

Bréville sur Mer was a great overnighter. The Park4Night there is a vast beachside car park. As it turns out we had the whole place to ourselves with views across the dunes.

It was a lovely sunny day and a gentle stroll along the beach watching the fisheries tractors buzzing around doing their days work was quite a scene.

There is also something very relaxing about ambling along a beach enjoying the detail the stones and shells, the flotsam and jetsam, just everything there is to see really! I think loving taking photos I tend to be eyes looking around at this and that in any case! It goes with the territory!

Supper was an easy Paella from Lidl, quick and tasty! Feeling a tad peckish later in the evening, I made us some semolina! Michael was disappointed I hadn’t made more – it’s one of his childhood favourites! Another day!

I had barely climbed into bed and I heard an ominous buzz! Oh no! Flipping mozzi! There was no way I would get any sleep with that pest sharing our living space, so I crawled out of bed, grabbed a torch and, resembling Sherlock Holmes so to speak, scoured every surface from top to bottom!

Finally I spotted the little blighter and smacked my hand in its direction, though with no evidence I had killed it, I took a view and climbed back into bed keeping only my head out from under the covers in case he was still lurking!

Thankfully that proved to be the last we saw and heard of him! Long may that last!

The next morning Michael did some work and afterwards, while he was relaxing outside the van, I grabbed the opportunity to give him a hair cut and get him looking nicely spruced, and as I always say, 10 years younger!

We headed off sometime gone 2pm with a view to a late lunch at another spot.

En-route we pulled in at the Saint Martin de Bréhal Aire for free water. We also filled our portable water bag too for a little extra!

Date of visit: 20/09/2016

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