Regnéville – 1

Regnéville, which I am already remembering with ease thinking of Reg and Neville, was our overnight stay. Jersey friends Peter and Glen know it well. Regnéville has become a favourite over time, and although no longer crossing over with their boat, they come back with their car.

The village certainly is very charming and particularly memorable for the old chateau ruin, which we have been parked ‘under’ overnight. This is another great Park4Night stop. Blissfully quiet too!

Well before bedtime, while the day was still light, we took a stroll along to the old boat yard and ambled back along the coastal promenade path, past the campsite overlooking the bay, and peeped in through a couple of windows at the hostellerie and the old station salon de thé, stopping for a photo of us in our ‘uniform’ in front of the mirrored window at the butchers. I have been borrowing Michael’s shorts here and there as they’re very comfortable! – very loose on the waistband! – but no doubt snugger on the derrière!

The next day, while Michael was involved with a conference call to Jersey, (sat out in the sun with his notes and phone etc), I washed my hair and did some washing, oh, and some blogging! – doing that each day keeps me quiet!!!

As we were leaving the village we passed a restaurant with terrace that looked very nice, and having debated what to do for a few minutes whilst driving, and with it being 1.45pm and enough time to spare, headed on back to the village, pulled in conveniently over the road from the restaurant, and in the nick of time got a table on the terrace before they stopped serving.

We had a very pleasant set lunch, the weather was equally pleasant, and we were glad we decided to be spontaneous. Usually works well!

Our very successful and enjoyable little stay in Regnéville was suitably rounded off with a few photos of the bay there.

Date of visit: 21/09/2016

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