Coutances – 1

The town of Coutances was only about 10 km away from Regnéville, so that dictated our direction. I had read that the cathedral was an impressive scale and wanted to check that out.

Interestingly enough, on the approach road, I saw it looming up, but moments later, seeing even vaster and taller spires on the skyline, realised the initial sighting was in fact one of the other churches in Coutances. They are the Church of Saint Peter and the Church of Saint Nicholas, the latter a simple roman style church now used for exhibitions.

We unfortunately missed the morning weekly market, though the upside of that is that parking was no doubt easier. We grabbed a blue markered spot on the roadside right near the cathedral and popped our parking disk (purchasable from Tabacs), in our windscreen and had a wander around the heart of the town for a short while before making tracks.

We recommend the parking disks as the blue zones are free to use.

Date of visit: 22/09/2016

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