Pirou – 1

The large dune side car park (another Park4Night) provided a spacious, quiet and functional night stay with intriguing backdrop of the graffiti’d derelict properties in the dunes. I have no idea as to the story there! Intrigued!

Pirou, as does much of this Manche coastline, overlooks our home island of Jersey. It was rather special to admire our little island from a different perspective and no least as the sun began to set around her.

It was stunning lighting that evening as we walked low water, and as I looked back up the beach, it somewhat resembled and made me think of where I was born and grew up, at La Rocque, in the parish of Grouville, there at our family home with its wonderful beachside location.

As we walked back to the van that evening it was a lovely surprise to come across ‘Rue de Jersey’. Couldn’t not stop for a photo by that!

The next day, before moving on, we had a goats cheese salad (something from my repertoire of motorhoming dishes!).

We had spotted signs for Chateau de Pirou, and I was keen to see what that was all about, and we drove the few minutes to it, parked up, walked to the entrance, but Michael wasn’t fussed to go in, and in turn I wasn’t bothered to go in alone, and so we gave it a miss! I probably should have bought a 6 Euro ticket and visited it anyway, but hey ho!

We headed on, but not before emptying our grey water over a gutter in the car park. No point in missing an opportunity!

Date of visit: 22/09/2016

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