Barneville-Carteret and the Route des Caps – 1

Next stop Barneville-Carteret. We found our way (as per usual following our sat nav screen on the dash – marvellous thing!).

We pulled into the dune car park and settled in for the night, joined by 2 more vehicles, a motorhome and a van. We certainly didn’t envy the young couple who can’t have had loo facilities on board – their heading out in the blustery weather on occasion, presumably off to find a nearby bush! Goodness! How we love our home comforts! We enjoy the simple lifestyle, but draw the line at that! No, a motorhome is living the simple life, BUT in comfort!

The next day before we set off, we walked up on the common overlooking the harbour at Carteret. Many years ago, perhaps even before we were married, Michael and I joined my parents on an adventure to Carteret!

My dad kept his boat moored below the family home at La Rocque in Grouville bay in Jersey. One of dad’s ‘ambitions’, was to get over to France in his open (no cabin) boat. Generally from Gorey, along the bay, one can get over in a rib in maybe 40 minutes, at a guess. Well, we knew it wouldn’t be anywhere near that fast as dad’s wasn’t a speed boat, but a sail boat under motor, and the journey took 3 hours!!!

When we got to Carteret, there was just enough time for Michael and I to walk into the village for a crepe. Dad and Mum stayed on board as dad didn’t want to leave the boat unattended. They had a sandwich lunch. The weather deteriorated a little from recollection, and the water was a bit choppy, so needless to say it wasn’t a fabulous 3 hour trip back! Michael laid down on the floor of the boat feeling less than great!!!

Dad I’m sure was rather pleased however to have achieved what he wanted to.

So, back with this trip, well, we wandered down on to the beach and enjoyed watching all the kite boarders and windsurfers, before heading back to the van and driving on through Barneville, to Carteret, parking up over the road from the tourist train terminus and what we reckon must have been the creperie we ate at all those years ago!

After a wander along the promenade and back down the high street, we continued our journey, driving uphill to the Cap de Carteret, still able of course to see Jersey in the distance. From there we followed the ‘Route des Caps’ taking in such places as Hatainville, filling up with free water at Surtainville, seeing Chateau Le Rozel (from the road), kicking myself we didn’t stop to see the impressive Chateau at Flammanville (free to enjoy the extensive gardens!) grrrrr!, the little port of Dielette (we called in once with our boat), and passing through a few more places before finally dropping down, back into dunes, at Bi-ville for the night.

Date of visit: 25/09/2016

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