The cliffs at Herqueville – 1

We drove along more coastal road, dipping into a deep valley, then rising up out, and pleased with that particular stretch that we hadn’t met any oncoming traffic as it did seem fairly narrow.

Our night stop was on the cliffs at Herqueville in a parking area overlooking the sea directly. We were the only takers that night and enjoyed the place to ourselves.

The next morning Michael was working and on a business call. Before we headed on, we had a goats cheese salad which is a firm favourite and so easy to prepare and absolutely delicious!

As we headed back up the hill we passed a reservoir, and barely moments later, across the fields Cap de la Hague Nuclear Waste Reprocessing Plant came into view. The old stone farm complex in the foreground looked so incongruous with its backdrop! Not so surprisingly they had trees to the side of the farm creating some visual privacy from the man made monstrosity looming up behind them.

We have been seeing the Nuclear Power Station at Flamanville for some time now too – a bit of a sobering thought how close they are to home!

Date of visit: 28/09/2016

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