Nez du Jobourg – 1

Nez du Jobourg was our next overnighter. This spot is right out on a rugged coastal tip. We pitched up, along with half a dozen other motorhomes in the very spacious parking available.

The weather was bright but blustery so we just walked up to the viewing point and again come sunset.

Our time at Jobourg was van based what with the weather, but we’re always able to occupy ourselves either way.

After a very windswept night with all the hatches battened down, we showered, hair washed, did some bits of laundry and filled our water tank, free, at the ‘eau potable’ point and headed on our way.

The weather was very grey, wet and blustery so nothing keeping us there any longer – we may as well move on. As is invariably the way the sky soon brightened.

Date of visit: 28/09/2016

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