Goury, Cap de la Hague – 1

From Pointe de Jobourg we drove on stopping at the Baie de Ecalgran for an on board lunch. It was a bit too blustery for me to fancy a walk, so didn’t!

Next stop Goury. This was our second visit to Goury having (briefly then too) visited years ago on the occasion of whichever eclipse (I don’t remember what year it was but am reckoning sometime in the 90’s).

Our friends Peter and Glen invited us to join them on their boat for the run up to Goury (further than the usual Portbail trips), to get maximum experience of the eclipse.

We had our picnic lunch on board in the bay, I think, and at some point moored up in Goury harbour and walked up into the town of Auderville. I rather forget the details, but I do remember that at a later date I painted a watercolour of an old gate we passed and which I’d photographed at the time. That old gate seems to have gone now! – but somewhere it’s ‘immortalised’ in a painting! – forget where the painting ended up though! Haha! C’est la vie!

This visit we parked up in the designated motorhome car park (pointed out conveniently for us by Park4Night). The lighthouse and bay would be our view for the night.

We strolled down to the port, and saw the familiar hexagonal shaped lifeboat station house and the boat ramp of all those years ago. Hopefully both have seen little action! While Michael took a business call I happily occupied myself with my camera!

Heading back up the hill and into the parking I couldn’t not say hello to the fellow Autotrail’ers! Having waived earlier as we headed off for our walk, I tapped on their door on our return and said we were the baby Autotrail to their big daddy one. Theirs a 6 wheeler!

It was enjoyable to have a chat about our respective touring and compare notes re: our vans, their being the same series and age, but theirs on steroids!

Next day we found a nice note under our windscreen and since then have kept in email contact with Alan and Sue. They were clearly up well before us that morning and didn’t want to wake us. We hadn’t slept great that night so did sleep on in.

We drove to another spot down there at Goury that second day and had a lovely amble along the cobbled beachside walk, a mix of wild coast and lush countryside, a win win! There were cows and sheep in the meadows and all as chilled as we were!

I must have been enjoying this location as unusually for me I wasn’t in a hurry to turn around and head back! It was fun too to look out for any flotsam and jetsam, but no great finds!

One find however was spotting a cheeky looking little chappie, who resembled a miniature otter or stoat or something. We’ve never seen such a creature before, the size of a small rodent, but not one. Fascinated to investigate what he was! He kept running between the cobbles, stopping for some moments, logging us each time, and darting out of sight again. I don’t have a long lens with my iPod so the photos are rather sketchy, but you’ll see he was no mouse!

It really is a pretty little place down there at Goury, overlooking, at not a huge distance away, the lovely Channel Island of Alderney, and it was super to re-visit it, and in much greater detail these years on.

Date of visit: 29/09/2016

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