Port de Querqueville – 1

Querqueville was yet another great Park4Night stop. It’s a big open car parking area in front of the little port and old fort there (the latter not being open to the public as its used by the military). There’s a huge long quay you can walk or cycle along, though we never got around to that.

We arrived just in time to see a wonderful sky create a fabulous dramatic backdrop to the place. We soon realised while we were having a wander about that the moody sky was also bringing rain with it and hurried back to the van to avoid that!

Settled on board, in the dry, I set about making us some home made mushroom soup, adding in a slosh or two of the miniature bottle of Calvados that Michael had bought to try. I did ask his permission first! It tasted way better in my soup, and he discovering he’s not a lover of this kind of drink, wasn’t overly gutted I as good as commandeered some! It added a very pleasant whilst subtle warming note to my soup.

I have to acknowledge my brilliant ‘Lakeland’ re-chargeable stick blender here of course too! Without it no smooth soup! – though on this occasion, and to add interest, I kept back some of the cooked sliced mushrooms to add in and add texture, and that worked well. Michael loves mushrooms! So we are that with loads of sliced baguette! – mine buttered! – yum!

Sat there on board, it was quite spectacular really to see the whole scene ahead of us lit up across the bay.

It rained that night, probably all night, and the next morning, though didn’t dessuade a vast walking group who clearly weren’t the least bit perturbed! Hats off!

We were as good as alone that night, with just a couple of over overnighting vehicles parked at a distance in that generous parking area. Yes, a great spot!

Date of visit: 30/09/2016

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