Cherbourg – 1

Cherbourg is the end of the Routes des Caps (at least the end bearing in mind the direction we were heading! Coming from the east it’d have been the start!

We parked easily and waited until the rain stopped before venturing in. We hadn’t been to Cherbourg in a good many years so a blur in my memory!

We had a reasonable lunch at ‘La Marina’ on the front. Eating out is very pot luck and too many restaurants to pre research for Cherbourg so always that risk. You win some lose some!

Still, we made the best of it and enjoyed relaxing. Aspects of the meal were tasty, though in my case, just the prawns and the pud and the half a baguette and butter! Partly my fault for choosing a dish with oysters (which I daren’t try!) and whelks (which I did date to try years ago in Postbail). The difference was, those were much more palatable as they were slathered in garlic mayonnaise! C’est la vie!

After lunch, dodging the rain with a few minutes spent in the Tourism Office, we did a bit of a wander about town before heading back to the van and making tracks.

Date of visit: 01/10/2016

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