Day 1 towards Spain (1)

Day 1 towards Spain and we had a good smooth boat crossing from Jersey to St Malo and made our way the half hour ish drive to Camping La Hallerais where our friends have a static caravan.  

We parked up across the road in the free aire there and headed over to enjoy a lovely evening over drinks and dinner, before spending a very quiet night on board the van with just one other motorhome a stone’s throw from us.  

Up early this morning we have driven 5 hours and got as far as the Deux-Sevres. We stopped for an on board egg mayonnaise roll at Chateau de Bressuire, had a stroll around the chateau (no charge) and then continued our journey. That would have made a nice free overnighter had we needed it. 

Some time later we stopped at Dampierre-sur-Boutonne for a peep, having seen signs for a chateau.  

It was then on to the aire at Saint Jean d’Angely for the night, though disappointing to find it’s now 7 Euros a night, though still good value of course. We are unlikely to be charged though as the barrier is not working so we’re parked up the other side of it with a few neighbours.  

Easy supper of half pizza and mixed green salad tonight!

Feet up, mug of coffee, and that’s us settled in for the evening. Feeling pleased with the progress we’ve made considering we’ve not exactly hammered on down and we’ve avoided the toll road. 

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