St Paul de Fenouillet to Peyrepertuse, via Queribus

Anyway, we found our Carrefour, bought our provisions & filled up with diesel. As it was past lunchtime we found a picnic spot along the road and enjoyed lunch with a blind down to stop the blazing sun and the main roof window wide open. 

After eating we both set about our respective blogging duties & then continued our travels. 

As we were passing we thought we’d pay a visit to Peyrepertuse for old time’s sake, and en route passed the Chateau de Queribus, which we didn’t think was going to be on this route. Having visited here with Nick & Sal previously, we thought we should pull in. I was convinced that we’d driven right up to the chateau last time, and only as I started up the Queribus road proper I soon realised that I was wrong, and actually this was probably best not tackled by way of a motorhome. However, Sophie was too concerned to let me attempt an about turn and so we actually went to the top. I suppose it’s what 1st gear is there for. 

To my surprise, on reaching the car park, Sophie announced that she’d made it this far and so wanted to then walk to the top and go into the castle, so we did. Although half the climb of yesterday’s Chateau de Roquefixade it was good cardio exercise. Sophie was a little wobbly a couple of times due to vertigo, but all was well and the trip down wasn’t a problem. For the whole walk all I could think about was getting the motorhome down that hill again, and was pleased to then do so. 

We then continued to Peyrepertuse/Duilhac, where we’re sharing the aire with 2 others. Happy memories of our time here with Nick and Sal. Between cooking me my pork chops and ratatouille à la Sophie, Mrs L has sneakily been researching the climb up the chateau. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. 

Progress so far:

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