Girona to Peratallada 

You might recall that Sophie got chatting to an Italian/Catalonian motorhoming couple back on our very first day in the country. Well they made a few recommendations to us, which were ideal for a post-Girona drive.

The first little village was Monells, which we explored even though we were already thoroughly worn out. A delightful medieval town and well worth the visit. We were very tempted to wild camp in their carpark, but in the knowledge that the aforementioned couple’s next recommendation was only 20 minutes down the road, we headed off to Peratallada. Having abandoned one route which would have had us unsuccessfully being squeezed through a tiny village, we then found a far more sensible route to the town. 

Peratallada is a stunning place and to my dismay, Sophie announced on arrival that we just had to go and explore it at once so as not to miss the crucial light for her photos. Summoning the strength from who knows where we then made a quick recce of the place with a view to a proper visit tomorrow. 

We’re now in a big, but pleasantly laid out carpark with 5 or 6 other motorhomes. My wristband tells me that we have walked 18,600 steps, 34 flights of stairs, and a ridiculously sounding 14.7 km just today. 

More wine, followed by an early night and most definitely a lazy day tomorrow is just what the doctor would order right now. 

Progress so far:

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