Peratallada to Sant Hilari Sacalm

Today was meant to be a busy morning working workwise for me, followed by a leisurely small town visit, then a nice drive along the coast before retiring to a pleasant aire for the evening. 

The morning went to plan, as did the visit to nearby Pals. We then hit the coast. 

We want to do the odd trip to the Spanish coast, and even though we don’t expect to like it we’d like to be proven wrong. I guess it’s because we’re so spoilt living in Jersey. Well, the coast between Palamos and Sant Feliu de Guíxols pretty much lived up to expectations. In its defence, we didn’t get to drive too close to the sea and had we bothered to give it more time and effort, we may have been more forgiving. 

To be honest, having now looked at the aerial view of the latter I’m now thinking we perhaps should have stopped. However, there comes a time in every motorhomer’s day when careful consideration must be given to where one will stay that night. Although Sant Feliu had an aire, they were all squeezed in and it just didn’t appeal for an overnight stop. 

So I’d thought I’d found a half decent Park4night 10k up the road. Nope, not this one. I hadn’t planned beyond this point so all the guides came out. Next was an aire in a town, but very unappealing in real life. Then there was the train station aire, which looks great on paper, but reviewers recommended ear-plugs as it’s on the main Barcelona line. 

I thought we’d better therefore head somewhere more in the country, so found what I thought would be a great spot. No, it was a very depressed location, with two other motorhomes there to match. 

So last chance saloon was Sant Hilari Sacalm. I think we must have driven to the top of a mountain to find it. Massive carpark near to a sports centre. We’re all on our own, which is fine. There is just one niggle that that no reviewer has mentioned and that is the constant noise coming from a nearby industrial building. Fortunately it sounds to me exactly like a river running right next to us. I’m confident it’ll be like white noise, and that sleep, after such an unexpected long drive, will not be denied us. 
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