3 thoughts on “Still on Top of the World

  1. Great pictures!!

    On Fri, Apr 21, 2017 at 4:37 PM, Random Motorhome Travels wrote:

    > Michael and Sophie posted: “” >

    1. Thanks Anthea! I love taking photos and Michael enjoys writing, so we make a good double act for our blog!

      Yes, I really hope too that lovely little handmade journal is reunited with its owner! It was just lying there, clearly forgotten in my opinion. So much time and creativity had gone into it, and it was a work in progress as they journeyed, there’s no way it was there intentionally. So contrary to Michael’s plan to leave it where we found it, I no way could just leave it there to the elements. I was on a quest! There had to be something we could do! How would we feel if that had been our personal travel diary and no-one had made any effort to rescue it and reunite us to it! The nice Dutch Rock climber Aad was happy to take the baton from us, and failing all else planned to leave it with the bar in the village there where the rock climbers hang out. I’ve heard nothing yet, but can only hope there’ll be a happy ending! Glad I did what I could either way!

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