Gold Mining Roman Style

Park4night told me that we could park in the main carpark at Las Medulas, which is quite small, but we should be able to squeeze in later. It turns out today is a local holiday, which explains why there’s no space at the moment, but cars always have to go home in the end, so we’ll be fine on our nice spot just off the road and below one of the peaks. 

Within about 10 minutes or so an old lady with a dodgy official letter and waving a €10 note at us was suggesting, we can only assume, that we’d have to give her €10 to be able to park here. The letter had a photo on it which wasn’t even her. In the end she walked off in frustration, down the hill fortunately. 

So before long we made our way over to the official parking once everything had quietened down and in the morning planned to go for a proper wander.

Las Medulas carpark turned out to be an excellent choice. We slipped into a perfect spot and treated ourselves to sitting out with table and chairs with a citronella candle. A rare treat indeed in Spain. The view of the dominating orange rocky scenery was just stunning. 

As we contemplated bed, we heard a fire engine rumbling up the road. It subsequently stopped at our carpark, and clearly wasn’t sure where to go next. Shortly afterwards a police car with blue lights flashing followed suit. There was then much jovial chatting on the road as the firemen and policemen contemplated their next move. Eventually, when we were safely tucked into our bed, they too retired, back down the hill. 

In the adjacent garden, four large guard dogs would be roused to their loud barking at the slightest provocation, so all this activity/inactivity gave them every justification to bark away. This canine chorus happened several times throughout the night and morning, but was not really an issue. 

Next day we decided to visit the Las Medulas rocks, the site of Roman gold mining. Really very impressive and the photos speak for themselves. 

Having learned that we could then drive up and view this amazing sight from above we thought we’d give it a go. On Park4night I’d seen a motorhome up there so knew we’d be alright. With the benefit of hindsight I’m not sure whether or not I’d recommend anyone take a motorhome up there. If it’s not too big and you’re very confident then go for it because the view has to rank as one of the best I’ve seen. 

However, the road up is narrow, and at one point you drive through a tiny village, where I had a couple of inches either side leeway, and let’s not forget this is a two-way road. We were fortunate that we didn’t meet anyone going up or down, so if you go be sure it’s off season or during the quieter lunch period. 

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