Thermal Baths and Ancient Streets

Next objective was our stop for the night, A Peroxa, or “apoplectic” as we nick-named it. As we descended down the very impressive Rio Miño along a sensible road, we followed our Satnav to a rare crossing point. However, after a dodgy tunnel and a dubiously narrowing road winding into another tiny village, we took a view and headed back to the main road. 

However, it was clear that to get to our objective would entail lots of backtracking and we didn’t like that idea, so I called up Park4night and identified four potential spots. The third was OK, but having just come through the busy city of Ourense I was keen to get further away from it and selection four, also endorsed by CamperContact users, is where we settled. 

Before long a self-congratulatory beer had been consumed plus half a pizza and salad. 

Our stop was a few kilometres West of Ourense. A popular area for motorhomes, but only three neighbours. Next to the river, with a track popular with walkers, runners, and cyclists. There was a minorish road quite close, but the traffic petered out before too late. Also, if you looked too much to the left you could see the neighbouring cement works, but it caused us no problems, and all in all it was another excellent overnight. 

After a morning of working/cooking/blogging Sophie made sure to keep our protein intake up with eggs on toast. Admittedly not a common motorhome treat, but Sophie is determined to push the culinary boundaries where she can. 

After some persuasion Sophie agreed to take the air and we took a stroll along the river and over a bridge crossing the Rio Miño. This area is known for its outdoor thermal spas and so after looking at all the bods taking the warm waters we made our way back. Without prompting, and just to cover herself, Sophie made it quite clear, should it have even crossed my mind, that she was not at all inclined to get into her bathers and jump in with the rest of them. As it happened I too was not tempted. 

We then headed off for a Park4night in Ribadavia, where reviewers had mentioned that it was an ideal parking spot to visit the medieval town. More than that it turned out to be a proper aire with designated motorhome parking. Having learned my lesson yesterday, I checked the obvious route into the town on and with moments we were in the old town. Definitely worth a visit and without the Park4night reviews I’d have never given the town a second glance or thought to have looked beyond the place’s unattractive exterior. Philippa and Pete also subsequently visited here and they too were impressed. 

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