More Galician Coastline

We then continued our drive along the lovely Galician coast. There were some overdeveloped seaside towns, but on balance the coast, beaches, and views across to islands and distant mainland were very impressive. 

We then circumnavigated a lovely peninsula and found a Park4night on the most amazing beach, with white sands and clear, Caribbean sea. Sophie insisted that we had to paddle in it even though I explained to her that we’d lived our entire lives surrounded by, and in sight of, the Atlantic, and in fact she was born in a house right on the sea wall. 

Being just a little too early to stop we moved on and now find ourselves at a secluded beachside spot near to the town of Boiro, sat on our chairs, in the sun, watching the tide come in with a great long view across the sea to the land beyond. 

Progress as follows, heading North up the West coast:

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