More Great Galician Coastline

Great overnight. No-one else. Just us. Good sleep. After a busy morning we set off again. Checked out a local motorhome services area but it wasn’t clear where to tip our waste so moved on. 

Extremely attractive undulating coastline of not overly developed bays, overlooked by an impressive backdrop of mountains. 

Before long we hit the incredible sandy beaches of Carnota, with their dunes, fantastic rock formations and the relentless Atlantic Ocean. 

We pulled into one great spot, enjoyed a walk along the boardwalk, over the rocks and across the sand and then chatted to a couple of Brits, Jeremy and Deb, from Yorkshire, in their van conversion. We invited ourselves to stop a little longer, and grabbed our chairs and a drink to continue our chat, which we then carried on after our pizza dinner. As we were cooking the pizza the oven door came off in Sophie’s hands. Fortunately the pizza was virtually done, and so I managed to do a relatively quick repair. 

Drinks and discussion carried on until after 11:30 as we enjoyed the sound of the surf and watched the half moon illuminate the beach and rocks between the clouds. We also enjoyed a chat with a German metallurgist about European politics, and assisted another, younger, German, by turning on the stopcock to allow him to have a public shower after having been for a surf. 

So a very enjoyable evening was had, and our quick stop has turned into an overnight stay. 

Progress as follows:

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