Labastide d’Armagnac and Onwards

Let me go on record as saying that Labastide d’Armagnac is definitely up there as one of our top favourite places in France. We discovered it by chance a few years ago, and were impressed then. When we realised again that it was on our current route we were delighted. 

With such high temperatures we were very much looking forward to eating outside in the bastide town’s delightful cloistered main square, as we’d done last time. What we love about this tiny village is that there’s not much more to it than a couple of parallel streets surrounding the square. It’s attractive, unpretentious, honest, unspoilt, and has none of the usual tat on sale. 

As you look around the square you can see that every every ancient building is unique and stunning. After lingering over a good dinner for as long as we could we then moved to various benches around the square, not really wanting to leave it. After a few hours and in the dark we then wandered the completely empty but beautifully lit backstreets. 

You might have noticed that we do have a particular soft spot for Labastide d’Armagnac, and they have an excellent aire to boot. 

Busy morning next day. Very hot with a repeat unseasonal 30C that continued relentlessly until the sun finally lowered in the sky. We departed at lunchtime and it was a delight to drive with the windows open and hit the open road to cool down. We enjoyed the lovely straight Gascogny minor roads and pushed further North, passing through Bergerac, stopping for a late afternoon coffee at the very nice aire at Lembras, then heading in a Perigueux direction, where we roughly are now. 

My first Park4night attempt had Sophie asking me where on earth I thought I was taking her. The heat, and the very winding route the Satnav latterly chose for us, were clearly taking their toll. I suggested we look at option 2, which was a bijou parking area next to a waterway and walking/cycling path, opposite a chateau. Perfect you’d think, but as it was still 30C Sophie was unable to make her mind up, asking me why we didn’t use aires much these days. Realising at this, that the heat must be getting to her I strongly suggested I put a chair for her outside in the shade where it was notably cooler than in our hot motorhome. Before long she was happy again, realising that I’d in fact found her yet another idyllic overnighting spot. 

So here we are, and whilst the weather doesn’t look like abating tomorrow, Thursday and Friday are showing a dramatic change with max 16C forecast in these parts. Lovely – just how we like it. 

Progress as follows (blue is the route home):

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