Noyon to Laon

En route to our next overnight stop at Laon we found a little home-made motorhome service area in the little village of Bleracourt. It even had a reception, which was impressive for somwhere that didn’t charge. There was actually someone in the little building, but they didn’t come out, which suited me, and I left them to their warm static home and TV.

With toilet and grey water emptied, and fresh water topped up we we quickly on our way. Last stop before Loan was Coucy Le Chateau, where the remains of Chateau Fort are. This castle had apparently been one of the very largest in the whole of Europe until the Germans dynamited it in 1917 as they were retreating.

The hilltop town wasn’t really suited to motorhomes, but they did have a very pleasant aire with a great view up to the castle walls. We were tempted to stop, but when I’d explained to Sophie that I was actually hoping to overnight at Laon she agreed to move on.

We stayed at the high hilltop town of Laon on a previous trip and looked forward to parking beneath the city wall and enjoying the imposing views.

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