More Ghent

So see Ghent if you can, but make sure you see it at night as well as in the day.

We returned to the van and were delighted that it hadn’t been towed away, or scraped by a tram. I then had to face the trauma of the return journey, but by this time I must have been getting used to the place as we managed to avoid any major dramas. We returned to our parking area, and found an ideal spot, and despite being near a road, we barely heard any traffic.

7 thoughts on “More Ghent

    1. Yes, these places were stunning at night time. Very special visually.
      Oh, and we forgot to say, for you cycling enthusiasts, Ghent has its own cycle tracks, so you can cycle in to the town centre from the Motorhome Aire if preferred.
      Worth noting of course is this part of the world is great for cycling of course with all the networks of canals, and no doubt good for a spot of rod fishing too!

    1. Brilliant! Hope you are as impressed with it as we were. Yes, the parking there proved ideal for our night stop. It didn’t look up to much, but did the job very nicely in fact. A few other vans there too so felt even more comfortable stopping there.

      1. Yes! As much as we don’t like being packed in like sardines with other vans, depending where we’re staying it can be good to have one or two neighbours – but only if we’re parked well away from them!😉

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