Bruges by Day (1)

Despite being just below a main road, we were again surprised just how unintrusive the traffic noise was and did not disturb our sleep at all. This was our third night of being near main roads, which is something we ordinarily very much avoid.

The next day, after a late start, we returned to the town to see Bruges in the daylight. There’d been some intense downpours during the morning, and so we went prepared, but had no rain at all during our afternoon visit. It was much busier on this occasion, with virtually no room on the pavements, which meant vying with the traffic, horse-drawn carriages, and bikes.

We’d been recommended to take a boat trip, which at €8 each we reckoned represented good value, and the 30 minute tour, with about 30 other punters, was excellent. Sophie had been tempted by the horse-drawn carriage rides, but at €50, we agreed this was definitely not going to be happening.

I’d been keen to try one of the famous braadworsts, a rather large sausage in a baguette, with onions, tomato sauce, and mustard. Given the scale of these beasts, we decided to share one, and they did not disappoint, serving as our lunch for the day. We almost ordered one each, which would definitely have been far too much, which is something for us to say.

Before leaving, I was keen to have another one of those excellent glühweins with Amaretto, and it was just what the doctor ordered. We then meandered back, with me trying to add a few twists and changes to the route, so as to keep Sophie constantly entertained.

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