Revelon Farm, Villers Guislain, and Gauche Wood

We then drove past Revelon Farm, where Edward was based the night before the battle. Then finally we headed to Villers Guislain for the main purpose of our whole trip. Just outside this small village is Gauche Wood, and it was as Edward came out of the wood that his tank was hit by a German shell, and he died instantly.

We had been given some coordinates of a very likely burial spot for Edward, and so after parking in the village centre, walked up to and then deep into the Western end of the wood armed with the app. The last 10 metres or so were jungle like with thick brambles and fallen trees, but we persevered and pinpointed the location. We left a poppy wooden remembrance cross that someone had coincidentally kindly given us in the village as we were about to set out.

We then took a stroll through the whole wood and emerged very close to where Edward would have left the wood in his tank for the last time. Although very cold, the conditions were almost perfect, with snow on the ground looking lovely, and bright sunshine providing ideal lighting.

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