On to Mesnieres en Bray

Next stop was a basics top-up at Lidl, followed by a very foggy drive until a lunch stop next to a lake, as the sun came out. The temperature rose to 4C, but once back on the road we were soon in fog again, with the thermometer back down to 1C.

We’re now back in Normandy, and pretty much North of Rouen, in a small town called Mesnieres en Bray in their very pleasant and well-reviewed aire, with very lovely country and hill views. Our only neighbour is an English couple, also in an Autotrail.

As we parked up we spied their dreaded generator, which we maintain is not in the spirit of peaceful motorhoming, and completely unnecessary. Fortunately we only very rarely see them being used. With this in mind we positioned ourselves as far away as possible from them.

In moving, we realised that we would need to use our cheeses/chocks as we were on a slight slope. On a flinty/gravelly surface it can be tricky and the front wheels were spinning rather than going up the plastic chocks. Even Sophie had a go whilst I tried to position them, but no good so I was going to give up. Sophie suggested reversing up them, which worked a treat. By the way, this is the first time she has driven the motorhome this trip, or actually in living memory. Fortunately this suits us both.

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