On to Albarracin

Although Albarracin had featured as the end of a DK Books’ Back Roads Spain route, I’d decided to miss it out in favour of heading South rather than further West. However, there was a decent looking Park4night about 1k before the town, that looked promising, so we headed there.

Despite a beautifully sunny departure from Teruel and the dam, with the deep red earth and rock formations looking amazing en route, we found ourselves heading into mountains again, looking down the barrel of some ugly looking clouds. As we then turned off towards Albarracin, still some 12k away, the road became narrower, but not bad at all, and good quality. Our main concern though was that the snow was getting thicker as it fell and we seemed to be getting higher into the mountains. In the last few kilometres it eased a little, and even though we were beyond sunset, the sky seemed lit by an eerie yellowish light. As we descended down towards Albarracin, we found the Park4night with great views and a modest number of other punters. So we parked up and decided to stay holed up here for as long as it took for the forecast snow to come and go.

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