Cape Espichel to Lagoa de Albufeira

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We had a very peaceful night here, although if windy it could feel a little exposed. In the morning, we were surrounded by very thick fog, and we spent the time blogging, grateful that we’d had our walk and taken our photos the previous evening.

Our first stop for the day was Lagoa de Albufeira. Really good parking here, and hardly anyone around on this Sunday afternoon. Another stunning beach with relentless surf, separated by a sand bar from a fresh water lake.

The rest of the day was spent exploring the West coast until it turned back towards the East. We popped to the popular beach at Fonte da Telha. Probably the worst beach side road we’ve ever been on. Compacted sand and continuous potholes made it a very uncomfortable ride. My recommendation is don’t suffer the discomfort and choose another beach.

North of Fonte da Telha, there are at least half a dozen Park4night opportunities, and easier surfaces to drive on. After this we hit the overdevelopment of the top NW part of the area and so then headed East in search of what I’d hoped would be a great “surrounded by nature” Park4night along a spit overlooking Lisbon to the North.

First obstacle was the vast urban sprawl of Almada, where there was more highrise accommodation than I think I’ve ever seen anywhere. SatNav lady was insisting on taking us through a naval base, so after a few abortive attempts, I guided her to take us a more plausible route. This was the only possible way to reach my well-rated overnight spot, but the muddy, pot-holed road, that made our earlier beachside potholes pale in significance, soon had someone’s blood pressure rising.

Realising that this would also be the only route out, Sophie was having concerns about being stuck in this really unpleasant place for ever. The road didn’t improve, and turning not overly practical, so we persevered. We ultimately came across some hardy Germans in vehicles better suited to the terrain and this was where we could turn and get out asap. The reviews I’d read suggested keeping on going and it would be worth it, and the satellite view endorsed this. However, a downpour overnight would only see those enormous potholes filling to form a continuous semi-amphibious return journey, which meant that a relaxing evening was inconceivable.

Back on a proper road, I was determined to have a peaceful night at a guaranteed spot, and so the less than 25 minute drive back to Lagoa de Albufeira was well worth it, well to me anyway.

*** Just to mention that our blogs tend to be a couple of weeks behind reality, as we’re always in catch-up mode ***

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