Boticas to Bragança

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That was a really peaceful night, bearing in mind we were only about 10 metres from the road. I love these sleepy places. After reminding ourselves just how lovely the views were, and then creating a new entry on Park4night so that everyone gets to know about it too, we set off.

Our reason for staying around here was because our researcher told me to expect a lovely old village and maybe even a ruined convent. As it turned out, we couldn’t see the convent at Granja, and we couldn’t readily find the old buildings in the little town of Boticas, although we didn’t look that hard. So off we went.

After showing her my rough route, the researcher then suggested that Chaves was worth a visit. Park4night indicated very convenient day parking, which was the case, and very handy it was. Just a stroll over their medieval bridge, a bit of a hike up to the citadel, which is now a hotel, then across to their castle tower and back down through the old town. Not much in the way of eating outside though, which was a shame as it was ideal weather for it.

I was ultimately aiming for Bragança, which would be our last stop in Portugal, after a very good three weeks here, where we have covered the South, West, and North of the country, in that order. The road there, the N103, all the way from Braga, has been an excellent route across the mountains.

Bragança has a handy aire, just below the castle, with all the facilities, and all free. Being off-season the several very nicely laid out small car-parks beyond the aire itself also had a number of motorhomes and vans overnighting. As we were manoeuvring to one of these nicer spots, the local “bobby” on his moped was hovering around too, and seemed perfectly happy.

Not long after we arrived, a local farmer turned up with a donkey happily standing in the back of his open truck. The farmer then proceeded to offer free donkey rides to anyone who fancied it. I think he had one taker.

We were very surprised to see that were parked near a Guernsey motorhome, which is the furthest from home we’ve ever met a close neighbour. After a long chat with these lovely people, which is something we’re not expected to say about Guernsey people, being as we’re from Jersey, and realising we had an acquaintance in common, we realised we’d better get on and cook a meal before bed time.

*** Just to mention that our blogs can be up to a few weeks behind reality, as we’re always in catch-up mode ***

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