Courgis to Radonvilliers

First thing in the morning, I set about more comprehensive random prodding and poking of the fridge, which finally did properly come back to life, and so ice cream was back on the agenda. What a relief 😅

First visit of the day was a drive-through of Chablis. We’d had a proper visit of this attractive little village a few years ago and so didn’t need to linger.

Being September, the harvest was well underway and so there was plenty of activity in the village and the vineyards.

We then randomly came across the little town of Arthonnay, where they had a very bright and shiny church ruin, plus a quirky metal windmill behind their Mairie. You can probably tell that it was a quiet day for us – I blame the relentless heat.

As we headed for somewhere to stay for the night we thought we’d do a drive-through of the larger town of Troyes. Probably given the heat and the desire to get back on the road for some breeze, nothing really caught our eye that was worth photographing. Sorry Troyes – maybe on a cooler day.

Then one of my favourite times of the day, when I get to actually see my various options for the night in the flesh. Depending on a few selective photos and reviews never really prepares you properly for reality. Often the apparent gems can be a let down, whilst the “not sures”, can be amazing finds.

Anyway, we discovered our night’s stop down some unlikely country roads and next to the lovely Lac du Temple at Radonvilliers. It was a stunning location, and the only slight let down was occasionally having to hear someone’s TV, plus the odd loud conversation, but we could live with these minor inconveniences given this impressive location.

Fried sausages and onions were the order of the day, as we enjoyed the setting sun.

*** Just to mention that our blogs can be up to a few weeks behind reality, as we’re always in catch-up mode ***

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