Saint Barthélemy le Plain to Fay-sur-Lignon

It was a clothes washing morning and after that we took a walk into the small village. I did notice a good value set menu in town and they also had a pizzeria in this tiny place. Saying that, there was no sign of life here. We came across an excellent large flat carpark with great views, and thinking this should definitely be a Park4night, it then dawned on me that this was the Park4night I was actually heading for the previous night. In retrospect, I think it would have been a better overnight spot for us, but where we were was perfectly pleasant.

After leaving, we had an afternoon of really good country driving, punctuated by a visit to the lovely small medieval village of Désaignes, a must see place. Great, convenient parking was a good start. The weather was ideal and we’d definitely recommend a visit.

The rest of the day saw a couple of detours that actually took us down some great roads with stunning, rolling hill scenery that we’d never have seen otherwise. Sophie was keen to find an overnight spot somewhere in this countryside, but there were no obvious places.

After getting distracted by another one of those pesky Château signs, with no indication of how far it was, and the inevitable U-turn in a small road, after giving up on finding it, we were back on track, travelling in the right direction again.

We ultimately came to the hilltop town of Fay-sur-Lignon, which we drove through, and on our descent a Park4night appeared on my SatNav at the same time as we noticed a motorhome parked up there in the valley below. So that was that, our spot for the night.

As it happened, the other motorhome had only just arrived, without the aid of Park4night, so its driver was pleased to be told that it was an acceptable overnighting location. It was a British motorhome, driven by a sole lady of 72, travelling with just her dachshund, Lucy, for company.

We compared notes on our travels and shared tips about Park4night and SatNav navigation. Then, when Sophie and Jacqui got onto the subject of art, I left them to it 😉. Like Sophie, she was keen to draw and paint.

Anyway, it was a great spot, with outlook, and nice and quiet.

*** Just to mention that our blogs can be up to a few weeks behind reality, as we’re always in catch-up mode ***

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