Usson to Saint-Pierre-le-Chastel

The morning views were also spectacular, as we awoke to the valley filled with mist. As the morning progressed, the mist slowly disappeared, and the view just continued to evolve.

After the usual check on Tripadvisor for restaurants nearby, we found that the Auberge de Margot was the only real option, and with good reviews, the promise of decent views, and a €13.50 set menu, this is where we headed. Couldn’t fault the place, and would recommend it. Ideally, if it’s warm enough then get out on their terrace to eat. If not, then get out in their conservatory area, where you’ll find the best views from indoors.

Another town built on a hill, so after lunch we burnt some calories heading for the top, then slowly wound our way down. It was quite a windy day, so Sophie was very excited by all those freshly fallen walnuts.

After topping up with the free water that had actually brought us to this lovely place, our journey continued. Sophie’d discovered there was another chateau a few miles away at Parentignat, so we stopped for the obligatory photos, then we were off again as soon as I could get her back in the vehicle.

We drove through Issoire, but weren’t inspired to stop, then headed West along attractive valley roads, finally stopping for a visit of Murol. Not surprisingly, it had caught my attention because of free motorhome facilities. Of course, this is the whole point of laying on these facilities, to bring visitors to a place, that therefore, one assumes, is worth visiting. This goes someway to explain why our practical approach to motorhome touring has been such a great success over the years and thousands of miles.

We had a good walk around Murol, and as Sophie would say, we found it perfectly pleasant. The main attraction for us was the large, imposing castle that overlooked the town. There was a Park4night up there too, but we had other plans and so carried on our journey.

One potential overnight spot was on the edge of the small village of Orcival, but after a short visit there, we decided to keep on the road. I have to say that all the day’s driving had presented us with beautiful, and varied, scenery. Often we comment to one another that if it were not for the inspiration of likely stops we’ve found on Park4night, then we would never have ventured down all these stunning roads, which is literally our daily experience, and our journeys would simply not be as rich as they are.

Scouring all the possible rural Park4nights in our general direction of travel, I came across a potential gem, that boasted great views across to the Puy de Dome and neighbouring mountain peaks. It was a parking area serving a headland that overlooked a marshland. There was a fire station behind, but that wasn’t a concern. Access was described as steep, but that reviewer clearly hadn’t been up some of the steep roads we’d been up, and it really was not steep at all.

The views were as promised, and we congratulated ourselves on yet another successful overnight location.

*** Just to mention that our blogs can be up to a few weeks behind reality, as we’re always in catch-up mode ***

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