Los Mallos de Riglos to Arguedas

The night started off windy, but it was a small price to pay for our vantage point, and it did get calmer.

The view in the morning was amazing, with the sun lighting up the cliffs and a sea of mist rolling past and down into the valley below. We took a stroll around the tiny village of Riglos, which is built at the foot of these 300m red towers. Just stunning. As we looked closer, there were plenty of rock climbers, looking like ants on the vertical walls.

This is all within a couple of hours of the French border, and a must see in our view.

Last stop on the Back Roads Spain drive was Castillo de Loarre. Definitely worth a visit. After that it was time to go off piste and I was keen to visit the Bardenas Reales national park. More incredible rock formations and the promise of a desert had turned my eye.

It was a pleasant cross-country drive to get there and we weren’t at all disappointed when we arrived. I got to see the park’s iconic “wigwam” style rock formation, and also the La Cabana de Pan y Chocolate, where chocolate-based snacks are served from a mobile van.

We’re now having to slum it in a very busy aire in Arguedas, which is not really our thing, but it’s practical, and thankfully quiet. To add insult to injury, my attempt at fresh salmon with carrots, broccoli, and bulgur wheat wasn’t appreciated by the expedition’s chief photographer and artist. I did my best ;).

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