The dogs occasionally have a good old bark together, but most of the time they’ve been well behaved and certainly didn’t disturb our sleep.

Whilst it’s a little chilly outside, it has been non-stop sunshine so far, which is been very lovely. I had another busy morning, whilst Sophie continued to work on her sketching and watercolour skills.

TripAdvisor showed 9 restaurants in this modest village, and all serving the local specialities of large butter beans in a tomatoey sauce, as well as suckling pig and roast lamb. So, with our mouth’s watering, we headed uphill into town, doing the full tour, then settling down for lunch, which tends to be a little later in these parts.

The set menu that included those beans as a starter with the suckling pig as a main, as well as a bottle of wine, and dessert and coffee, caught my eye. The beans were great. For some reason Sophie chose a plate of peas, with a few bits of ham with them, so her mistake meant that she tucked into my lovely beans as well.

We both had the pork, which was essentially four great hunks of piglet, with crispy skin, and absolutely nothing else. Not for the faint-hearted, when you see a little piggy ear on your plate and a tiny trotter. Tasty, but probably won’t be repeated. That whole bottle of wine was essential to help cut through the richness and fattiness of the meat, well that’s my story anyway.

After lunch we lounged in the hot March sun in the main square, then forced ourselves back to our home on wheels. In danger of falling asleep by 6pm, we did a 30 minute constitutional around some back lanes so as to wake ourselves up.

A very beautiful town indeed, and I’d go as far to say one of the loveliest little villages I’ve seen in Spain. I’d really recommend a visit, and it has easy parking and overnighting, particularly at this time of year. We’re doing that rare thing of an extra night in the same spot, but will be making tracks in the morning. Let’s hope those dogs behave themselves again.

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