Evora to Juromenha

We were set well away from a minor road, in quite a large, but empty carpark, and by 10pm the already minimal traffic had virtually evaporated. A wonderfully quiet night, and one that suited us so much more than the city alternatives. Definitely worth the six minute drive.

Once we got our act together in the morning we were soon back at the very busy aquaduct parking. Maps.me led us straight to the tourist office in the main square, in less than 15 minutes. Armed with the official sights map, we trundled around.

Very pretty back streets, and having arrived in a shower, the following sunshine was much appreciated by the photographer. The circuit of attractions all ticked off we headed back, just as the rain began again. Almost perfect timing. Our verdict on Evora is that it’s very pleasant but, to us, not on the scale of amazing as we have often read of the place.

We’re always keen to escape a big town, so after taking full advantage of Evora’s official aire’s facilities, and then topping up with LPG, we were delighted to be back on the road. We can almost feel the heaviness lift as we find ourselves back on country roads, with less decisions to make and hardly any traffic to negotiate.

After an impromptu lunch stop at Alandroal, where Sophie was so tired from her earlier modest stroll in Evora, that half a day-old baquette and a packet of Brie was plonked in front of me. Anyway, it certainly hit the mark.

I’d been aiming for a Park4Night at Juromenha, a small fortified town right opposite the Spanish border. The parking is coincidentally next to another cemetery, and overlooks the Guadiana river that separates these two countries. We’re in an elevated position and our main view is of Spain, just across the water.

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