Marvao to Barragem de Povoa

Just as we were about to leave Marvao, Heather and Phil arrived. They’d just visited the cave paintings, which I’d completely forgotten to add to my itinerary. Having chatted for a long time yesterday, I think they realised that if they were to see Marvao whilst it was still daylight they’d better head off immediately, so we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

Final visit of the day for us would be Castelo de Vide. Park4Night showed some really handy parking, and this meant that Sophie, despite having already had a couple of energetic town visits, was up for a third. From the carpark, we were soon at the castle itself, which overlooked the town. We then meandered down through this very attractive hilltop town, with Sophie taking full advantage of the lovely sunlight with her photos.

With an overnight stop in mind somewhere around the Barragem de Povoa, we checked out a couple of possibilities, but chose the official motorhome parking area. However, this area has morphed into all the surrounding tracks that lead down to the reservoir.

So here we are amongst a community of motorhomes, with sufficient personal space, and everyone behaving themselves so far. The scenery is stunning and we anticipate a good night’s sleep

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