Sortelha to Castelo Mendo

We decided to take a walk around the ancient and tiny walled village and its castle in the early evening. It was certainly very attractive. Probably not the easiest parking for larger motorhomes here though. At 6m in length we’re pretty versatile and can easily get up some relatively steep and narrow routes.

As predicted, there were no other takers for our prime wild and windy spot last night. It was certainly chilly outside in the morning and by lunchtime it was good to be back on the road.

Just outside the town there were motorhome facilities, and I understand you can park anywhere around that point, where there are some great views of the town and surroundings.

Next town along was Sabugal, where they have a castle. By this time it was chucking it down, so we passed on the castle visit, and just emptied our toilet in the allotted area instead and left. Sorry Sabugal. Maybe next time 😉.

At this time there is a fuel strike in Portugal which is set to last another five days. So there are queues at the pumps and some are out of service. Fortunately for us our route today took us right past the Spanish border, so we popped in and filled up with no problem, and nice and cheap too.

Our stop for the night is a Park4night at Castelo Mendo, and we’re just outside the fortified gates of this sleepy medieval village. Between rain showers, we had a great walk round this ancient place and found there was much more to it than we’d thought.

We returned to a few goats wandering around our motorhome, and a van neighbour too. We have excellent views and all looks set for a quiet night, as long as our neighbours behave 😉.

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