Saint Nicolas de la Grave to Montcuq

A good night was had by all. A few cats had a bit of a howl, but that was before bed time, so no worries. As normal, a couple of neighbours had made a move by the time we had surfaced in the morning, then after some photo backing-up and making use of the free motorhome services we too were away.

Our first stop was the tiny, but perfectly formed, Bradigues. It even had a minuature aire to match, with nice little segregated parking bays, a neat entrance with bricked pillars and an open wooden gate, as well as the normal services. It was a very short stroll up to the village, which consisted of a short main street and a couple of parallel side roads. We were in and out in a short space of time, but the place definitely had plenty of charm.

My guide also pointed me towards Auvillar, one of the “Plus Beaux Villages de France”. This is an elite list of French villages that will rarely disappoint, and Auvillar was no exception. They also had a vide grenier/carboot sale going on, which always adds interest.

Sophie had mixed success with her negotiations though, walking away when given a higher than anticipated price of a couple of wine glasses, getting a metal trivet for free from another stallholder, and then failing to agree a price for 6 churros because the normal size was 12, and she felt 6 should be half price. I just pretended I didn’t know her 🙄😉.

We had a thorough walk around all the backstreets, contemplated lunch out, but given it was close to 2pm and that it was a Sunday, so no bargain set meals, this didn’t happen. At the time of writing it’s gone 5pm and I still appear not have been fed yet 😉.

After Auvillar, with its very convenient motorhome parking we were heading North to begin our guides “Les grands sites du Quercy“ tour at Puy l’Eveque. En route we came across another Plus Beaux Village, Lauzerte, by accident. A slightly larger hill town than Auvillar, but with decent motorhome services and parking. A very attractive town that is definitely worth a visit.

Continuing North we chanced upon the little village of Montcuq, well known for its tall domjon, or tower. We thought their motorhome aire/parking was a bit too near the main road for us but Park4night showed us a much quieter spot, a generous rural parking area, with pleasant country views and we could also see the village. Reviews promise us a quiet night, so let’s see how it goes. Not sure I can sleep on an empty stomach though, but I’m sure Sophie will successfully rustle something up as she almost always does 😁.

3 thoughts on “Saint Nicolas de la Grave to Montcuq

  1. You visit some lovely places in France and I’m enjoying following your journey, particularly as we’re off to France in June for a couple of months. Apart from park4night, what guide do you use please?


    1. Hi Paul – great to hear you’re enjoying our journey. Having travelled round France so much we were beginning to wonder if we’d run out of ideas. One book we have but have never really used much is Dorling Kindersley’s Back Roads France. Back Roads Spain is excellent & it’s taken us successfully round most of the country. One very recent guide that we’ve had for a while but have only started using over the last week or so and which is proving to be absolutely excellent at showing us great new places and routes is Michelin’s Escapades en Camping-Car France, which can be found on Amazon. Our version is 2015, which is proving excellent & I noticed a 2016 version going for around £4. It is completely in French, but even with zero French, the route maps are completely self-explanatory. So this particular guide would be my recommendation – the last week or so we’ve found ourselves so spoilt with great villages to visit that we’ve had to admit defeat and will need to come back and see them another time. All the best with your travels, Michael & Sophie

      1. Hi Michael and Sophie,

        Thanks so much for the recommendations!

        Best Wishes,


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