Prior to mutually separating in mid-2019, Sophie and I (Michael) visited France for many years, and in 2007 we bought a budget motorhome (1991 Talbot Bedouin) and took to this mode of travel like ducks to water.

In 2014, we had the opportunity to buy a 2005 Autotrail Tracker, and, at the same time,  I reorganised my remote working arrangements so that I could work as an investment (and Excel) consultant whilst on the road.

So, from early 2015 we started going away for several weeks at a time. In order to keep family and friends in touch it was Sophie’s practice to email a daily update with lots of photos of where we’d been.

The next logical step was a blog.

We have travelled in our motorhome round Europe (mainly France, Spain, & Portugal) as much as we could get away.

This blog is designed to be in the public domain, so feel free to pass on the link to anyone who might be vaguely interested in these travels.

If you’d like to keep in touch then please press the “Follow” button and you’ll get an email with a link to the latest blog post.

You can also find the blog on Facebook under Random Motorhome Travels.

Also, please feel free to make comments or ask any questions about the travels, the motorhoming gadgets and apps discovered, or any of the practical aspects of the lifestyle.

Thanks for stopping by, it would great if you followed the blog, and even recommended it to others

PS Although we will obviously not be travelling together in the future, it is likely that we will still travel independently whenever we can and so hopefully this blog will continue in some form


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there,
    We are Glenys and Fred and we live in south-west France, retired of course!
    We are motorhomers who love to travel, both ex-RN and travel with our two cats.
    just picked up your blog on the Canal e Castilla and are doing some research on a trip to encompass travelling along/around it.
    bit frustrating at the moment as the Van is in for some repairs(under the warranty) and a couple of modfications so a week or so before we can get back on the road. still plenty of grass to cut!
    Safe motorhoming,

    G and F.

  2. Micheal and Sophie your blogs are very interesting reading,,would be lovely to bump into you on your travels or when your home on Jersey from 2 Jersey MH beans

    1. Hi Eddie & Marion. Thanks for your message. It would be good to catch up and compare notes. If you use Facebook you could message us from our Page: @RandomMotorhomeTravels. If not I’ll risk putting a “disposable” email address in these public comments so that we can continue our discussion. M&S

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