Monhabus to Monflanquin

We had a quiet day at our overnight spot.  Michael worked part of the day,  but also managed to repair a blind and with free water on tap, washed the van down. 


While he was doing that, I was having fun with my new cordless blender making almond milk, and Madeleines.  It’s great for smoothies too and I shall use it for soups as well. 


We didn’t experience the eclipse, but instead had a very overcast sky.

I do the easy thing at home and boil my eggs in an electric egg boiler, but I have done it pan method today and no big deal and worked a treat!  

I love being able to do all the things I do at home on the motorhome – such a feeling of achievement! – a great sense of self-containment. 


Late afternoon we made tracks to our overnight free parking spot.  Totally unplanned, just saw it and it was a no brainer to stay here!  It’s the car park at Monflanquin where they have a huge space reserved for camping cars and the whole area is overlooking a vast scene.  It’s hazy now, but hopefully we’ll wake up to a bright sunny vast view! – and at no cost!  

The town is another bastide town (on a hill) with all the arches around a central square.



Our free overnight stop



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