Monflanquin to Saint Sylvestre sur Lot

We overnighted for free at Monflanquin in their designated parking area for motorhome’s.  You can see we had the place, and the view, to ourselves!  180 degree view! – and so blissfully quiet!


Had a quiet morning on board and then had our first lunch (in fact first meal out) this trip at a very nice little restaurant ‘La Grappe de Raisin’ in the square of this bastide town.  

We initially sat outside, but after a bit we decided to move indoors as it wasn’t overly warm. 


Mid afternoon we carried on our touring, driving through valleys and passing these various places that you see below. 

It has been a wet day, so no walking exploring, just getting off the van to take photos.   A grocery visit to our favourite shop
Lidl too!




We’re now parked up in a town Aire for the night (free again – as most are in the countryside away from the coast).  Free water is pretty readily available too!  Bonus!  We buy bottled water for drinking (very cheap over here), but fill our on board tank to serve the sinks and shower (and aim for ‘potable’ water when available, not the ‘non-potable’).

We also top up our GPL gas as and when we pass service stations that sell it.  It’s always a good feeling to be topped up with everything, food included! – which we are! – again that self-contained feeling! 

Tomorrow we will explore (weather permitting!) ‘Penne d’Agenais’, still in Lot-et-Garonne, and moving in a south easterly direction. 

I had a bit of a restless night last night with various aches and discomfort (my back, knees and legs added in!), but hopefully it won’t be that every night!  



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