Saint Sylvestre sur Lot to Cahors

Carrying on our touring in the ‘Lot et Garonne’  

Visited places such as Gavaudan, Tournon-d’Agenais and Penne d’Agenais.   Late afternoon we arrived at another free stop at the Cahors aire, so are here tonight and will check out Cahors tomorrow. 

It’s been rain free today, so that was great, and so we were able to get out and explore these various stop offs.  

When we arrived at Cahors, Michael decided to cycle into the town to get a feel of the place and hadn’t gone too far when his chain broke!  I suspected that when he arrived back home pushing his bike!  Hey ho!  I think we’ll be walking then tomorrow!  He did have a go at fixing it with his handy tool kit, but we might just take it to a bike shop either way if we can.
While he had been gone, and in turn while he was endeavouring to fix the chain on his return, I was busily making home made chicken soup from the leftovers of a ready to eat cold roast chicken from yesterday.  

Only us and 3 other motorhome’s in this very large car park.  The more scenic riverside aire was full (only 3 spaces there, so snapped up fast!), so we’re in this functional, though less visually inspiring location, but again, hey ho!, it’s free!






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