Cahors to Montricoux 


We’re now here:-

This morning, having overnighted at Cahors, we explored the town, the highlight being its splendid bridge.  It was 16 degrees today, so very pleasant weather – in fact perfect for us who don’t like a lot of heat. 

We walked a lot in Cahors and my iffier knee throbbed like mad well after we returned to the van even!  Annoying and uncomfortable!  It’s fine now though but took a hammering today, though physically I wasn’t tired! 

Still, got to see Cahors and get a few piccies! – and generally we’re visiting smaller towns and villages with less foot work required! 


Might hook out a few more piccies to show you!

Back soon!

A few more photos of Cahors:



and rounding the day off with some almond milk chocolate and a Baileys over ice!   






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