Oppidum d’Ensérune to Seté

We had a great overnight stop in the Oppidum car park with amazing scenery.  No other campers, just us, so just like wild camping!  Fab!  

This was our view!  The Pyrenees in the background.  


From up higher still, and once we’d paid our ticket for the archaeological site, we could appreciate the view of the ‘Montady Lake’, as was – drained in the 13th century to create this rather amazing plot of agricultural land with inbuilt drainage, flowing towards the central point and away underground.  Clearly a feat of engineering!  All a bit beyond me! – but appeals to my artistic eye!


Oppidum is the remains of a Romanised Gallic village – a settlement on top of this hill with far reaching views all around (perhaps not so surprisingly!)


It was incredibly windy up there, but not cold.  


Later in the day we drove through Bezier, but didn’t stop.  


and the same through d’Agde


This evening we’re parked up in what would normally be a paying aire (coastal generally tends to be!) – and here ordinarily 10 Euros, but we’re thinking they may not be charging until 1st April, but time will tell!

In our fortnight so far, we’ve still only paid for one night at 7 Euros, so have done jolly well!  Even 10 Euros is hardly pricey for 2 people to have somewhere to overnight!

I have been fancying making a tray of flapjack in days! and today was finally the day! 😀  the scales with be groaning in the morning!!!  I can never eat just one or two squares!!!

So tomorrow we’re headed towards Montpellier and Nimes and see if we can find anywhere to park to see the towns, and at worst just drive through and see them basically, which often does us!  We’re not city people per sé, but our travels is about seeing places, and that’s we aim to do, though generally we are drawn to quiet landscapes!

We’re racked up with the French and a good few Germans tonight.  No-ones tv is loud enough to be annoying so that’s the main thing!  

We’ve been away a fortnight now and are still loving it! – but are not the least bit surprised! 



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