Seté to Aigues-Mortes

Gosh!  I’m tired!  Has been quite a day!  In fact I forget half of where we’ve been!  Michael’s the same! 

With a bit of thinking he remembers we toured through Seté, stopped at Mezet, and stopped at Montbazin.  The exhausting bit (mentally and emotionally!!!) was our driving in Montpellier and ending up being guided towards an underground car park by our GPS! – there was no easy way out of our predicament other then to back all the way up (on the wrong side!) what with cars building up behind us to go into the underground parking, and with cars exiting the car park coming towards us!, with no scope for straight forward, quick manouvring (which is what was required!).  Talk about me being animated!!!  😳😁

Well, after that little drama Michael immediately lost interest in seeing Montpellier and we headed straight for the ‘Toutes Directions’ and got out of Montpellier as soon as we could (never getting to see it!).  Can laugh about it now thankfully!!!  Hey ho!  Will just have to Google Montpellier ‘Images’ instead haha!!!!

I do remember we also gave up trying to park in Seté, which is the Meds version of Venice! – not quite as spectacular, but Seté is lovely none-the-less and well worth visiting (if you can!) – but we just had to drive around to see it instead of stopping and exploring.  Another hey ho!   Parking can be a bit challenging in these buzzing cities, but usually worth a shot! – and generally with success!



Overlooking Seté


Pretty fishing port of Mezet 




and our destination today ‘D’Aigues Mortes’.  The ‘Tour de Constance’ and Ramparts.  Interestingly enough it dawned on me when we arrived and I read the brochure, that I had read about this place before on the Internet in my fascination as regards the Huguenots (my French ancestry). 

Many Huguenot women were famously imprisoned in the Tower during the religious persecutions, languishing there for decades even!

We walked within the walls this evening, along the streets, but tomorrow will walk on the ramparts and visit the infamous tower!  My thoughts shall be with all those poor women who suffered atrociously, simply because of their faith! – sadly the same is still happening in the world today!  



Within the walls


Time for some sleep! (yawning!) – oh, and the Flapjack has all gone 😉



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