Aigues Mortes (Languedoc-Roussillon Carmargue)

We’ve had a really enjoyable day here today.  We had a superb 3 course lunch in their lovely square for only 14.90 Euros.  We were sat outside as you can see! – and not in coats or even jumpers.


Had a little walk in the town before the ticket office for the tower and ramparts opened again at 2pm.  It was about 7 Euros each. 


The ramparts are a mile long in total, but all flat and very pleasant! 😀

Fascinating to look across rooftops!


It was unbelievably windy up there but generally sheltered by the high walls.  A couple of places we hung onto our glasses (ie specs!) to be on the safe side!  Michael’s flew off once in strong wind!


Toured inside Constance tower too and could only imagine how horrid dark and cold it would have been when a dungeon!  



The rest of this afternoon into early evening, Michael has been working.  

He’s just nipped out with his camera to the port (across from here) as the evening sun is intensely bright. 

At lunchtime we decided that instead of risking burn out, we’re not going to worry about heading further east this trip, but will gently head north, but not quickly to avoid being back in the cooler weather!

We’re staying a second night here in fact.  We’re in the old aire here (currently a temporary grassy car park), so it’s proving free! – a number of other people have done likewise.  Michael had expected to be paying about 15 Euros I think, which would have been fine considering the sightseeing and cheap lunch! – but bonus it’s been free as it turns out!  

It was very peaceful here last night and though a different bunch of people tonight, including unusually a young Spanish family and their caravan, we should have another good overnight here.  Michael appreciates it if we can do a couple of nights at a time per stop, as it’s less tiring and gives a chance for him to work and chill out more readily, so we’ll aim to achieve that more often where we can. 

Having eaten out I’m off the hook cooking, so did us a fruit smoothie to keep hunger at bay!  



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