Nîmes – ‘Arènes’ and ‘Maison Carrée’

Arrived at ‘Camping Domaine de la Bastide’ municipal campsite just after lunch.  Had a quick bowl of soup before shooting off to catch the bus into Nimes (right outside the campsite).  Very handy!

We’re using a campsite today as there’s no other easy way to get there otherwise.  The campsite is only 16.50 Euros so good value considering the convenience.  There are no Aires within 7km.  

So, cheap return bus, about a 10 minute ride into Nimes, which is a very bright airy clean and quite sophisticated without being flash town/city (not sure which! – latter I guess!). 

You’ve ‘got’ to do these historical archeological sites, but I did find it a tad disappointing that the arena is rather shrouded with modern day risers seating, spotlights etc etc!  Unavoidable I guess!  

We visited the arena at Arles about 14 years ago, and I don’t recall that ‘tainted’ in the same way, but I may be suffering with ‘selective memory’!


We did the economy 3 visits ticket for 11.70 Euros p/p, but didn’t bother with visiting the Magne Tower (didn’t look that wowy!) – least to our minds, well mine certainly!

Michael wanted to see Maison Carrée, I think perhaps, because our cottage in France was called La Carrée! – though that’s as far as the similarities go!

Again, a certain disappointment on entering the building – having expected the interior you’d expect! – we were a bit disappointed to be let into a cinema! – where we watched a 25 minute film about the origins of the city of Nimes, with subtitles.  It was fine, but had we known, we’d not have bothered paying for a ticket to see what turned out to be that, when we expected the interior of a Roman temple!  

With hindsight we’d have just visited the exterior – free!
Our pitch at the campsite – seems very peaceful so long may that last. 

Just had our tasty ‘Tarte Flambé’ with green salad, and I didn’t make the tarte, from good old Lidl!  After that I’ve eaten a few home made lemon Madeleines! – couldn’t resist!  Love my silicone Madeleine tray!  Fab!  Got it off Amazon.  Easy quick recipe too! Yum! – and less fattening than Flapjack! – and now, feeling indulgent, a square (and they’re large squares!), of ‘Bellarom’ almond milk chocolate from Lidl, and perhaps a fake Baileys to ‘wash’ it all down!!! 😉
So the campsite has been a helpful solution to no motorhome parking or overnighting within or near a town/city at not an unreasonable price for the convenience.  What a shame we didn’t think to do that for Monpellier!  Another trip one day perhaps! – a future trip.  Tomorrow we’re headed north east temporarily to the Pont du Gard, plus Uzés and then gradually heading northerly through central France, re-visiting the Dordogne along the way. 

Quite tired! – a good few steps climbed today! – but all help towards counteracting the tarte, madeleine’s, and chocolate!!!

I don’t think the scales will necessarily be smiling at me in the morning, but right now I can’t say I’m scared!!!

Have a good evening!



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