Pont du Gard etc

This morning we made use of the campsite laundry facilities.  
It’s extra to the price of staying there, but worth it for the convenience.  It’s always a good thing to have plenty of loose change to hand.  5 Euros for the wash and then 3 Euros for the tumble dry.  To press our jeans I suggested we sit on them!  I like to think I’m practical and innovative! 

We topped up our water etc and headed off, calling at the first Lidl for Michael to buy a pair of their 9.99 Euro jeans, and a seeded baguette! (our preferred loaf where possible – healthier than a regular white baguette and tastier too!).  

Seeing a road sign for a medieval village, we headed for it and arrived moments later at ‘Castillon du Gard’ and very pretty it was too. 



We’re now parked up at the Pont du Gard car park having paid the 18 Euros ticket to see the bridge (it had better be good!!!) – least I know what it looks like, so point being, we’d better have a good vantage point! – it’s a ‘must see’ after all if one is in the area. 

Did us ‘fried’ eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes for lunch, and a slice of sweet and juicy Charente melon for pud!  

Michael’s been working so I’ve been a good girl and keeping quiet! – it may surprise some of you (perhaps all of you!), but actually, I can be as quiet as a mouse when required to be.  

Well, I’m delighted to say the ‘Pont du Gard’ was definitely worth visiting and I don’t begrudge the money spent.  It is pretty impressive! – as it’s said to be.  Hopefully the photos will speak for themselves and do it justice. 

This evening we’re wild camping, along with 2 French motorhomes in a car park at ‘Uzes’.  We didn’t get here in enough time for the sun to light up much of the town, but we caught it illuminating a couple of splendid buildings before it went down. 


It’s ordinarily a paying car park, but tomorrow, with it being Good Friday, we’ll not need to be paying anything, so bargain!  Even were that not the case it’s cheap per hour, and there are no signs saying no to motorhomes parking, so we feel relaxed to pitch up for the night here. 

Just had a very tasty pizza from Lidl and I did a dressed salad with it, a Greek yogurt for pud, oh, and a square of almond chocolate, and now Michael’s fixing us a Baileys and ice! 😉

So we shall explore Uzès old streets tomorrow morning and then drive down and park by the stream in the valley below to have our lunch. 



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