Uzès in Languedoc

We had a very successful overnight in the ‘Tribunal’ Uzès car park as we will refer to it.  


Two French motorhomes were there before us, confirming our decision to ‘free camp’ there the night.    In actual fact it cost us the princely sum of 2 Euros, which would cover us all through most of the day until 4.45pm, so cheap!

We were somewhat alarmed by one Frenchmen who was determined to park his Toyota Previa next to us in a space not big enough!  We leapt from our living space seating to the drivers door to flag him down!!!  He seemed set on parking up there, though clearly would have either scraped our van or missed it by a miraculous whisker!   I think the two of us looking fairly frantic at him (with a bit of gesticulation – though nothing rude!), had him on 3rd attempt give up!

Unbelievably he promptly drove into another space, and reverse bounced off a white Polo, twice doing so, before coming to a standstill!  Well honestly, when you saw the sides of his car, and the missing trim, and this unbelievable ‘display’, we knew we had no way over reacted to his capers!  We have never seen driving like it!

I was very tempted to give him a piece of my mind, but didn’t fancy leaving our vehicle unattended in case he was feeling affronted!, so said a few things about him privately instead!  

That brief drama over, Michael and I set off on our explore of Uzès.  Well, I am so pleased we didn’t just settle for our brief explore of the night before, as it turned out to be an absolute gem of a place – a must visit!  It’s full of character, history, fabulous streets with shops and cafés and so forth and all so tasteful and visual in their own right.  



 Our purchase of the day (not being big spenders or shopaholics), was 2 coffee eclairs from a rather scrummy specialist boulangerie/patisserie.  Fougasse breads was their thing, and we probably should have bought some!


As planned, we drove down into the L’Eure Valley for lunch and cooked up some lamb steaks to have with salad and a glass of red.  I’m the onboard chef – he’s the driver and navigator!  Michael’s also motorhome beds maker extraordinaire! – something that’s part of my job description in Jersey.  So while he’s sorting our beds out, I’m in the bathroom getting up or getting ready for bed and out from under his feet!  When you live in a limited space, you evolve into certain routines and ways of doing things that keep life on board running smoothly and harmoniously! – as I say, doing what is required to not get under each other’s feet! – and I have to say, after 8 years at this ‘game’, we’re getting fairly proficient at gliding about with occasional only minor collisions! – and thankfully, to date, none whilst holding a glass of highly staining red wine!!! (my dread!!!)



Lunch enjoyed, Michael set about working and I moved to my ‘galley kitchen’ for a spot of washing up – which somehow on board, with ever changing views from my kitchen window, never really feels a chore. 

A couple of hours on we set off, enjoying this beautiful warm sunny day, stopping off at Sauve en-route to tonight’s aire. 

Sauve is pretty special and a must see if you’re in the area, well, if you like ancient riverside towns and particularly if like me, you can’t resist taking loads of photos!

We had the chance to fill up with free water there and empty our grey water tank, so handy too.  



Back on the road we leave Gard and enter the Cevennes, the landscape changing yet again. 

We’re overnighting at a free aire in ‘Aveze’.   It caught Michael’s eye in the Aires book and has not disappointed with a waterway running over boulders and down under an old stone bridge just spitting distance from where we’re parked.  



Just two other motorhomers sharing the aire with us, so very quiet, airy and with a picturesque backdrop.  



Tomorrow we continue heading up towards the Dordogne to meet up with our friends Kenny and Tanya soon.  Having just received and email and photos from them, we see they’ve begun their exploring there already, and recognisably at La Roque Gageac, a place we’ve visited too on trips past. 

Seeing them in hats and jackets, we’re preparing to leave this Mediterranean weather behind us, and be in weather more akin to home!  Hey ho!  We’ll be back!



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