Lot and Dordogne

We had a little walk in the riverside village of Vers where we overnighted, before enjoying a good lunch at the ‘La  Truite d’Oree’ restaurant, a Logis de France recognised restaurant which generally means reliable food.  It proved to be so here too. 



Michael worked in the afternoon and I read and pottered.  Later we set off for the Dordogne and joined our friends at the 7 Euros per night Roque Gageac Aire, and a very pleasant spot it is.  



Tomorrow Michael and I will explore the village set against the rock face.  We have driven through before now, but not stopped for a visit, so a day exploring and relaxing should be good. 

The weather here is superb and we gather it’s the same back home in Jersey too. 

Woke up to more sunshine and waived our friends off on their river canoeing expedition.  I might consider doing it another year if they come back raving about it!  In the meantime, Michael is getting on with some work and I’m doing this and will prepare us a light salad for lunch before our village explore. 

The canoeing trip was amazing we gather.  They’ve been raving about it.  With the benefit of hindsight I’d have done it too!  Hey ho!  Another year maybe if in that part of the world. 

Roque Gageac is not big, so it didn’t involve much exploring, but it certainly is a gem, and particularly so for being by the river.  Chocolate box setting!





Had a good overnight in that aire, and the following evening headed for Belvès which we enjoyed staying at last year.

When we arrived this time, the prime car park with panoramic view was barriered! – no idea what that was about, perhaps seasonal, so instead we parked in the alternative car park, got a pizza from the mobile pizza van, and all 6 of us took our chairs to sit and eat overlooking the lovely panoramic view instead!



We pitched up in the car park overnight and said our goodbyes at lunchtime, they all heading northward, back to Jersey. 

Linking up had been a lot of fun!  We’ll enjoy doing more of that on other occasions too. 

Today Michael and I parked up by the bridge at Castelnaud for our lunch 



and this evening we’re wild camped by the river where our friends had overnighted some days earlier.  



Tomorrow we’re off not far from here to Sarlat.  We’re moving in quite a small radius currently.  After Sarlat, no idea currently, but northward either way. 




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